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name: john
age: 24
state: ohio

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"If only faces could talk..."
- Pat Summerall,
during the Super Bowl

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>> January 11, 2006

Whats up??? You all thought i was gone but im BACK! Keep in touch for some new updates! Happy y2k06!

>> April 28, 2005
How's everyone doing today? Not doing to bad here.. just wishing the weather here in Ohio would get alittle better than it has been. I have a feeling its going to break soon and get back into the 70's and 80's. Work is going good. The home life is going good as well. Your comments about the site are appreciated, so keep them coming! Last weekend was Teresa's wedding, she was a good friend in highschool. The wedding was very nice and the reception was pretty good as well. My date was smokin hot. ;) I'll fill u in on those details alittle later.

April 12, 2005
Last weekend was a very nice one. The weather was great, i was off work, and i got to hang out with a very nice person. Now today is another story, woke up feeling pretty good, then ended up having a sore throat, aches, feeling cold, and tired. All of this happened during the afternoon and after i came home tonite. I just hope it doesnt get worse, dont really want to call off work just yet. Ughhhhh...this sucks. Ill keep you in the know if i get worse. Later ya'll

April 7, 2005
Let me just first say that i hate trains in the morning! While i was on my way to work, i had to wait on a train for 10 mintues! It was going pretty slow and didnt seem to have very many trains cars, but it sure took its good ole' time getting thru. Made me MAD. So after that i was pressed for time in getting to work. I got to work at 6:26am and by the time i clocked in, it was 6:29am. Got there just in time. If it wasnt for that train i would'a been there way early!! Oh well i guess. But after all that my day went well, just took forever and i was tired which sucked. One more day to go til the weekend. New pictures were added today, goto the Pictures page to view them. Also updated my 'mini profile' pic, hope its not to scary!

April 4, 2005
Today was the first day back to work since the time change, and ya, i almost didnt wake up this morning since i wasnt used to losing an hour of sleep. But i got up with 20minutes to get ready and got to work ontime. Work went good, went kinda fast as well, hope the rest of the week does the same! The weather was really good today, mid-60's and sunny skies...figures! We get a crappy weekend and the day we go back to work its real nice....lol Well the NCAA Final is on right now, check out the scoreboard to see the score and see who won! Have a good nite...

April 2, 2005
Pope John Paul II died today. He will be missed by many people across this world of ours. But we must move on and progress with life.

Tonite is the nite for the Final Four! UNC vs. Michigan St. and Illinois vs. Louisville. Check out the scroreboard below for the results of the game.

Also, tonight is Daylight Savings Time! So make sure you set your clocks ahead ONE HOUR! Just a fair warning. :)

April 1, 2005
Updated the site with new colors for the links. Feedback was appreciated!

March 28, 2005
Site is getting alittle more organized now, things are starting to fall into place now. I just need to make a few more adjustments then i can start to add more content! Please send me a message about the new designed layout, just alittle different than the old one i used to have. Thought i could use alittle bit of change. Later!

March 25, 2005
This is the first new entry for the new designed layout for JDP. Still getting things set back up to the way they were before. Things should be up and running again here shortly!

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